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Suits a host of different brand Automatic Welding Helmets


  • Pocket to keep spare lens
  • Easy close draw string
  • Carry strap

Supplier Product Code: TW-PWHB


POWERWELD Magnifier Lens

  • No need for prescription glasses under your welding helmet
  • Magnifies your work area to show a detailed view of the weld and surrounding area

Supplier Product Codes:
1.0 Diopter for Welding Helmets 108mm x 51mm: TW-MAG-100
1.5 Diopter for Welding Helmets. 108mm x 51mm: TW-MAG-150
2.0 Diopter for Welding Helmets. 108mm x 51mm: TW-MAG-200
2.5 Diopter for Welding Helmets. 108mm x 51mm: TW-MAG-250

POWERWELD 108×51 Gold Coated Welding Lenses

Gold vacuum coated onto a plastic shaded lens.

  • Light weight
  • Full colour natural view of the molten weld
  • The gold mirror coating reflects more than 90% of the radiated arc energy

Supplier Product Codes:
Shade 9: TW-MP2G09
Shade 10: TW-MP2G10
Shade 11: TW-MP2G11
Shade 12: TW-MP2G12



Pack of 10

Supplier Product Code: 702106


Outer Lens for BOSSSAFE Blaze Auto Helmets

Pack of 5

120 x 100mm

Supplier Product Code: 700228