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Plasma Cutters & Welders

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FabPLAS 14.18 Combi Inbuilt Compressor Plasma Cutter

  • A truly portable Air-Plasma metal cutting machine
  • Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) of Steels and Alloys from 240V single-phase power
  • Cuts; Mild & Carbon Steels, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper and Stainless
  • The FabPLAS 14.18 Combi is designed to go the places you go; on site, up stairs, in lifting platforms/scissor-lifts and around the work site, all without the hassle of having to connect up to an air compressor unit
  • Built in warning systems
  • Distance, Drag & Extended consumable options available
  • Wide Input voltage range
  • Supplied with a 6m Plasma cutting torch – Surecut PT60
  • Increase your cutting performance even further, by connecting to an external air supply to increase the cutting speed. This feature overrides the built-in compressor making it a combination air supplied machine – Combi!
  • Comprehensive Owner’s Manual

P/C FG1418PLAS.COMBi   S/C 14135

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FabPLAS 1316i Inverter Plasma Cutter

  • Back Striking Ignition: No HF interference
  • Power Factor Correction with a wide input power operating range: 240V (196-264V)
  • Drop down protection cover
  • Distance, Drag & Extended consumables available
  • Compact, lightweight & portable, easy to transport and carry around the job site
  • Simple Operation with an easy to understand control panel
  • Supplied with Parker Surecut 60 6m Plasma torch as standard
  • Quality Cutting 13mm
  • Maximum Cutting 16mm

P/C FG1316iPLAS   S/C 49891

FabPLAS 1316i

VictorTD_4cp_lht grn spark

Cutmaster 10mm

Rated Output: 30amps @ 40% Duty Cycle
Weight: 14kg
True Cut Capacity: 10mm
Severance Cutting: 12mm
Pierce Cutting: 6mm

P/C 1-4730-6  S/C 11139

Adobe_PDF   Download the Cutmaster 10mm Brochure


VictorTD_4cp_lht grn spark

Cutmaster 12mm

Rated Output: 40amps @ 40% Duty Cycle
Weight: 14kg
True Cut Capacity: 12mm
Severance Cutting: 15mm
Pierce Cutting: 6mm

P/C 1-4200-6  S/C 11946

   Download the Cutmaster 12mm Brochure

VictorTD_4cp_lht grn spark

Cutmaster 20mm

Rated Output: 60amps @ 40% Duty Cycle
Weight: 19.5kg
True Cut Capacity: 20mm
Severance Cutting: 32mm
Pierce Cutting: 12mm

P/C 1-1130-4  S/C 11931

   Download the Cutmaster 20mm Brochure

 VictorTD_4cp_lht grn spark

Cutmaster 25mm

Rated Output: 80amps @ 40% Duty Cycle
Weight: 19.5kg
True Cut Capacity: 25mm
Severance Cutting: 38mm
Pierce Cutting: 15mm

P/C 1-1330-4  S/C 11788

   Download the Cutmaster 25mm Brochure

 VictorTD_4cp_lht grn spark

Cutmaster 35mm

Rated Output: 100amps @ 80% Duty Cycle
Weight: 28.1kg
True Cut Capacity: 35mm
Severance Cutting: 45mm
Pierce Cutting: 20mm

P/C 1-1730-4  S/C 12191

   Download the CutMaster 35mm Brochure


VictorTD_4cp_lht grn spark

Cutmaster 40mm

Rated Output: 120amps @ 80% Duty Cycle
Weight: 28.1kg
True Cut Capacity: 40mm
Severance Cutting: 55mm
Pierce Cutting: 25mm

P/C 1-1930-4  S/C 11930

   Download the Cutmaster 40mm Brochure


VictorTD_4cp_lht grn spark

CutSkill 35A Plasma Plant 3m 1 Torch SL60

The CutSkill 35A Plasma Cutting System is designed specifically for the handyman/tradesman that requires high quality cutting performance at an affordable price. This single phase inverter based power source can easily and accurately cut through a range of materials including mild/stainless steel and aluminium. It is ideal for applications including car panels, light maintenance/ fabrication and for use in the home workshop.

P/C 1-1601-4  S/C 10721

   Download the Cutskill 35a Brochure