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Having a party?

Supagas supplies Helium (Balloon Gas) and a large range of balloons and accessories including clips and ribbons. Everything you need to make your party or corporate function a success. If you’re having a party make it memorable and hire a Patio Heater to keep your friends and family warm.

How long will latex balloons stay in the air?

This depends on the volume of the balloon and the air temperate. As a guide the average is 12 – 16hrs at normal room temperature.

Inflating Helium Balloons

  1. Place balloon over the end of the nozzle and hold securely
  2. Tilt nozzle in a forward direction for gas to flow
  3. Release nozzle when balloon reaches 28cm from neck to top
  4. Attach clip: remove balloon from nozzle and twist neck for approx 5cm
  5. Pass balloon end to end through clip at least three times
  6. Balloon is ready

Is Balloon Gas Safe?

  • Helium is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • It should not be inhaled and can be dangerous

Cylinder Safety

  • Keep cylinders upright and protect the valves from physical damage.
  • Secure cylinders when standing
  • If valve is damaged, do not attempt to operate
  • If valve does not operate by hand, return the cylinder to the supplier
  • Use safety glasses and gloves when inflating balloons