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Terms & Conditions:
* This offer is valid only for cylinders filled or exchanged and collected from the Supagas Somerton branch. Offer valid on 9/12/17, 16/12/17 & 23/12/17. This offer is not valid with any other promotion
unless advised otherwise by an authorised Supagas representative. Offer valid for 8.6kg size LP gas bottle only and 3.7kg (fill price is $10). Limit of 2 cylinders per account. Cylinders must be in a safe and
suitable condition and stamped in date by an industry approved testing facility. Supagas reserves the right to retract this offer at any time without notice. Prices are subject to change at any time without
notice. New BBQ bottle purchase also available. Please note that only 1x 9kg and 1 x 4.5kg LPG cylinder can be transported in an enclosed vehicle at a time and must be stored in an upright position.